Windows Display

Windows Live Sign-in Assistant
The Windows Live™ ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5 installs the Windows Live ID online provider for Windows® 7. By making...
...link a Windows Live ID to a Windows 7 user ...online provider helps enable Windows 7 applications to...
R for Windows
The R Foundation
R for Windows is a GUI where you can write code to perform graphical...
...program features a console window where you can write ...layer over R for Windows to manage data better...
Windows 7 Manager
Windows 7 Manager is a system utility that helps you optimize, tweak, repair and clean up...
Windows 7 Manager is a system utility ...repair and clean up Windows 7. It will increase your...
Windows Media Player Plus!
Tim De Baets, BM-productions
Windows Media Player Plus! is a free plug-in for Windows Media Player...
...free plug-in for Windows Media Player that add ...you to control Windows Media Player from within...
Microangelo On Display
Leonard A Gray, Impact Software
You can customize the appearance of your Desktop in various ways, from wallpaper and resolution adjustments to color...
...instantly restarts the Windows shell tool and ...performance of Microangelo On Display, I must admit I...
Folder Size for Windows
Brian Brio Oraas
Folder Size for Windows is a neat and handy extension for the Windows Explorer, meant to make it easy to see the sizes...
...window displayed next to the Windows Explorer’s folder window. Since this popup window...
Air Display
Avatron Software
Air Display is a program that allows you to add extra monitors to your computer. Air Display works...
Air Display is a program that allow ...to your computer. Air Display works in both landscape...
Windows Tweaker
Siddharth Srivastava
Windows Tweaker is a program designed to optimize your computer’s performance and enhance your...
...finely tuning your display settings. Unfortunately, Windows Tweaker doesn’t come...
CD Art Display
CD Art Display 2.0 is a free program that displays the album art of a song/video...
...and it displays it as a skinnable gadget on windows desktop...
DivX Subtitle Displayer
DivX Subtitle Displayer is a video player that supports subtitles. Who would think...
...displayed on any video player, including the stock Windows ...DivX Subtitle Displayer has a few...
Error Messages for Windows
Gregory Braun
Error Messages for Windows is a very simple free application that lists MS Windows error code...
...when errors are being displayed. It’s a handy ...of MS Windows. Error Messages for Windows comes with...
Actual Transparent Window
Actual Tools
Actual Transparent Window is an innovative Windows desktop enhancement which allows setting...
...Transparent Window is an innovative Windows desktop enhancement ...rate for each window. You can change...
Windows Shutdown Assistant
Windows Shutdown Assistant is a program that enables you to shut down your computer at the set time automatically...
Windows Shutdown Assistant is a program...
GW Micro, Inc.
Window-Eyes is a reading application for the blind and visually impaired, that converts components of the Windows operating...
...components of the Windows operating system into ...and total access to Windows based computer systems...
MSN Pictures Displayer
Sébastien BEGOUIN
MSN Pictures Displayer is a freeware which enables you to display in a slideshow your own pictures as Messenger...
...which enables you to display in a slideshow ...'t installed MSN Pictures Displayer. The slideshows are...

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